Monday, 7 June 2010

Good Timing (for once!)

Having been totally useless at updating, my second post comes rather appropriately (and I'm afraid to say by total coincidence) on the first day of London Jewellery week.
So, instead of me bringing you stories of Swarovski from Goldsmiths Hall, I will instead be chatting celebrity collaborations in the form of Roberta Freymann by Olivia Palermo. Olivia is the obligatory bad girl in MTV reality (I use the term loosely) series, The City. The show documents the self-described 'social'(evidently, short for socialite) bitch her way up to the role of accessories editor at Elle magazine.
In between all of the working, filming and um, socialising, it seems Olivia has had time to create a range of necklaces for designer Roberta Freymann.


Now, credit where credit is due, the necklaces (there's 5 of them in total) are beautiful. They sit well with the rest of Roberta's work, and seem to correspond with Palermo's love of pattern and texture. However, the part I can't get away with is the fact they are inspired by and named after certain area's of the stars favourite cities.
Granted, I haven't been to Berlin, but on inspection of the 'Mitte' necklace I am more inclined to think of some exotic beach paradise, with its rich emerald green tones, soft lines and chunky faceted stone/sequin combo.


I can kind of see that the sharper shapes in the 'Tribeca' necklace, and classic neutral tones in the Paris-inspired piece reflect certain aspects of the cities personalities, but really I find the whole concept a little pretentious and unnecessary.

Call me a cynic, but do we honestly believe Olivia was meandering through Le Marais musing over the sights, sounds and style of the area whilst carefully crafting this necklace in her mind? Thought not.
These necklaces are pretty, they're fashionable and they are probably well-made, but at £150 a pop and for a piece that will more than likely be at the bottom of my jewellery box next season, I say thanks, but no thanks.

Especially when I can get a similar version from Lebeado for a mere £22!

Our black bib necklace. Inspired of course, by Newcastle's notorious Bigg Market!

What are you views on celebrity/designer collaborations? Do you see them as a chance to emulate an icon or reckcon they're just a shameless stab at yet more self-promotion (hypocrite, me?) on the so-called 'celebs' part?

Also check out the lovely Sarah modelling our necklace on her blog over at


  1. love those necklaces!

  2. I really love these. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen pictures yet!
    Hope you had a great weekend.